Advancing Existing BMS to the Next Level through Lumani’s Smart Building Plug-in as a Service

What else do you get from the advanced BMS? Turn the legacy BMS into an AI-based Smart Building System It is the BMS that can save energy up to 40% without going through energy analytics Additional information Occupancy Level/people counting by zone T&H, IAQ by zone Energy consumption by zone ₋Incidences by Video Analytics ReducedContinue reading “Advancing Existing BMS to the Next Level through Lumani’s Smart Building Plug-in as a Service”

How to Create a More Liveable City?

Singapore Mean surface air temperature has risen by an average of 0.25°C per decade between 1948 and today. The upward trend is approximately double the trend in global temperatures, which occurred at a rate of 0.12°C per decade from 1951-2012. Meteorological Services Singapore Many cities faced the challenge of trapped heat due to human activitiesContinue reading “How to Create a More Liveable City?”

Harnessing Human Centric Lights to Optimise Sleep

Lighting is key to our visual response but it also plays a more sophisticated role for our health. Today most LED white light emits harmful blue ray which affects health and sleep. By introducing circadian lighting, it mimics our natural internal biological rhythm which helps us in increased alertness, productivity and concentration; and also in improved deep sleep when our body needs to rest naturally by releasing melatonin and dopamine to help one relax and ease into the night. Having good sleep quality also strengthen our immune system as proven in many researches.

Night Shift or Shift Workers can benefit from better health and reducing their medical expenses.