About HEWS

We are a community of corporations and individuals who believe that Environment Wellness plays an important role in total health & wellness management.

If you are an organisation or an individual who share the same believe, we like to invite you to join our community and help shape the future of our living and working environment.

“HEWS empowers people with the right energy level to make right decisions or choices in their life. It could be as simple as the choosing right lifestyle, diet, wants or needs; which eventually leads to health and happiness.”

Membership Information

1. Eligibility:

Please note that all HEWS Community members are required to agree and acknowledge that the following 5 Elements (Air, Light, Water, EMR & GMR) forms the core of our system. We do not accept members who does not share the same believe.

2. Members are requested to spread or share the HEWS movement.

3. During this launch phase, there is no membership fee charge.

4. In the second phase, we will update the members the fees required for making HEWS a recognised standard and the changes needed. This may take place anytime between 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2022.

5. All members will be notified of any changes via email 30 days in advance.

HEWS Contributing Members

Learn more from the community members who have shaped HEWS. As a member, you will also be invited to contribute your thoughts and disruptive ideas in HEWS.

Find our more about the expertise of these founding members:

Air; Light; Water; EMR; GMR

DreamHomes – build with HEWS

Human Centric Smart Solutions: Lights, Multimedia, Audio, Smart PDLC & SmartSolarFilm

Water Based Surface Coatings

Motion Control
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