Advancing Existing BMS to the Next Level through Lumani’s Smart Building Plug-in as a Service

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What else do you get from the advanced BMS?

  • Turn the legacy BMS into an AI-based Smart Building System
  • It is the BMS that can save energy up to 40% without going through energy analytics
  • Additional information
    • Occupancy Level/people counting by zone
    • T&H, IAQ by zone
    • Energy consumption by zone ₋Incidences by Video Analytics
  • Reduced FM Manpower by Autonomous Control
    • No schedule or manual operation needed for Lighting and HVAC
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
    • Customized website for all information you want to see
    • Manage on the website or on the mobile APP
  • Alert-on-the-Go
    • Push warning messages on the mobile APP and email
    • Can manage off-site by APP or Website

This Cloud Base platform from Lumani that allows you to monitor all the buildings under your management without the heavy investment of a BMS.    

Best for Chain Stores or multiple Properties Applications.

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