Autonomous Ambient Management

The Best Control is No Control. For the longest time, we are told to use Mobile App to remotely control lights and air-con. A truly smart system should be autonomous, just like the automotive industry.

Chris Hung, Founder & CEO of Lumani

A collaboration among HEWS Community members: EcoLine Solar and Lumani offers the best of class solution for organisations who are passionate about being Green; going Smart and concern about the Health of the occupants.


A seamless experience integrating the green technology of air-conditioning and light.

Lower Urban Heat Island Effect

Energy Savings:

  • Aircon: 30 ~ 55% with EcoLine Solar
  • Light & Aircon: Additional 30 ~ 40% with Autonomous Ambient Management



Cloud Dashboard

  • Dash Board and Reports
  • Heat map for Space Management
Dashboard for Multiple Properties Management
Thermal Comfort During Office Hours
Humidity Comfort Level that also Reduce Virus Survival Rate
Energy Consumption base on Activity Level
Activity Level Proportionate to Energy Consumption

With LumaZones Autonomous Ambient Management Platform, more air-con energy can be saved and it enable us to offer a more complete system to our clients who want to have smart air-con.

Liam, Co-Founder & Managing Director of EcoLine Solar

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