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In view of the Covid 19 Challenges.  Many industries are facing massive disruption and changes.

Countries, Economies, Life Style are facing constant threats as the Covid viruses mutate continuously therefore creating challenges for the Medical communities.

While the world look for a cure and vaccine, we have also observed that since 2007 SARS,
No actual cure or vaccine had been discovered.

With Covid19 , the medical communities are discovering multiple biological threat during the infection period and post Covid 19. Are you still waiting for that vaccine to protect yourself?

The US on Tuesday announced it was providing $1.6 billion in funding for the development and manufacture of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate produced by biotech firm Novavax, the largest amount awarded under Operation Warp Speed.

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While we continuously work toward hunting down the infected people and quarantine them. Each infected people will naturally heal themselves during this quarantine period which the infected people are actually resting for the body to regain its strength (immune system) for natural recovery.
However those who are are already medically challenges usually will fail in this battle…

This provide the natural healing advocates with an opportunity to test out another angel of combating Covid-19.

Instead of just hunting down the virus, developing drug and vaccine to fight the virus, locking down, social distancing, disinfecting…

We could really look from an angle that is just plain common sense.

Since the day of SARS to COVID19, how did each of the survivors recovered naturally?

While there could be many theory and possibilities, one will definitely stand up against all other possibilities: That is your own immune system!

It is like a computer firewall and country total defence.
When a virus hit a computer system. The computer own defence mechanism must be able to arrest it and prevent it from attacking the system. Likewise when an enemy is about to enter your country or to attack your country.
Each country defence system must be capable to neutralising the attack.

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Both analogy are similar to the Covid 19 virus that may attack each of us when are immune system is weaken.
Resulting in attack from all form Germs , Bacteria and Viruses.

Therefore the community should open its research into the studying of those who are infected by the virus into several categories:
1. Those who are infected but no symptoms
2. Those who are infected with symptoms but survived
3. Those who are infected and fail to survive.

To study the correlation of each individual immunity across all 3 categories.

My Hypothesis is that there is a strong connection between those who survive and no symptoms have a much better immune system vs those who are infected and those who pass on after infection.

A simple illustration

1. Immune system = country defence
2. Immune system = computer firewall
3. Immune system = Human

What will be the one basic requirement for the above to be able to work effectively
1.  For country    = strong economic lead to strong defence system
2.  For computer = optimum battery and anti virus software
3.  For human     = optimum health and immunity

Once we do not take care of strengthening this basic element, all other therapies cannot achieve maximum result.

In addition, we need to ensure that our environment are supported by these 5 core elements:
1. Air
2. Light
3. Water (food)
4. Geo magnetic field
5. EMF  disturbance

Once the 5 core elements that give birth to energy (life force energy= Qi) are in optimum state. All other health and Wellness therapy will be able to achieve fast and effective results

When we manage the humans energy resources in relation to Organ and system function. With Bioenergy scan, Chinese meridian scan, function digital organ scan.
Therefore China did show to the world that TCM practice can offer very promising resulting combating Covid-19.

We are able to see and manage the source of human Qi  (energy) distribution,  capacity and quality.
Since the energetic body give raise to the physical body supported by Genetics and chemistry, we must alway manage the physical body by looking at
1. Energetic body (Qi production and distribution)
2. Elements that give birth to the Qi (energy)
3. Genetic and physical body (it’s organs and systems) needs

This article is contributed by Dr Michael Tan, Founder of Life Research Wellness. For more information, you may leave a message here.

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