Do You Like to Enjoy Cooler Temperature in Cities?

Have you ever wondered why city temperature is usually higher than that of rural area? Other than the bigger space, lesser car population and more greenery; there are lesser building which also mean less air conditioning. Heat generated by air conditioning and car are known to be trapped in city causing temperature to be as high as 7oC compared to rural area.

Besides the effects of climate change, Singapore is hotter than it should be because of the urban heat island (UHI) effect.

Today on line; 12 July, 2018
Urban Island Heat Profile of Singapore (NUS: A study of Urban Heat Island in Singapore)

There have been efforts to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioning with technologies such as intelligent inverter air conditioner or the use of solar power but both technologies still emit heat.

If the UHI effect is not addressed, it could make living in city more unbearable with the increased temperature. Some of the common ways to reduce UHI effect in cities are:

  1. Increase planation or greenery
  2. Install green or cool roof
  3. Install vertical greens
  4. Use energy efficient applianced & equipment
Thermal Collector

Using the concept of green roof absorbing heat from surrounding; EcoLine Solar invented a thermal collector to harness solar heat as well as ambient and rejected heat to power the air-conditioner compressor unit. This reduce both the heat load on the compressor and UHI effect.

A truly innovative idea from Singapore, EcoLine Solar has many installed base around the world with some sites installed for 10 years. This proven technology has helped both commercial and residential property owners to save energy and also play their part to reduce UHI effect.

EcoLine Solar Introduction

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