Harnessing Human Centric Lights to Optimise Sleep

When was the last time you had a good sleep?

Why sleep problem is also affecting many who are leading a healthy lifestyle?

For many years, we have been artificial lights of a single colour based on preference, cost and common trend. No one actually asked why used cool daylight or warm white?

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, human centric light is the element required for good vision needed to enhance the state of our heart and mind.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Benefits

Research has shown that our body and mind follows the circadian rhythm of the natural sunlight in order to function at the optimum level. In addition, it is also the natural ingredient to set us up for a good night rest.

Circadian Rhythm of Natural Sunlight at Different Times of the Day

How does circadian rhythm relate to our mood and sleep pattern?

Our body produces 2 hormones that is driven by the circadian rhythm: Cortisol and Melatonin.

Cortisol is also known as our body stress hormone and affects our body function in:

  • Regulating Blood Pressure
  • Control Inflammation
  • Utilising Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates
  • Increase Sugar Level
  • Maintain sleep/wake cycle
  • Enhance Energy Level

Melatonin is hormone produced by the pineal gland that regulate our sleep/wake cycle.

The circadian-driven hormones cortisol and melatonin are produced out of phase to each other. Our body produce Cortisol from sunrise to sunset and melatonin production starts after sunset till sunrise.

Circadian Rhythm of Human Body

By using a single colour light, our body is tricked by the light colour and respond accordingly. For example, if we are on cool day light from 9am till 10pm, our body will be producing cortisol at peak level till as late as 12am; while melatonin production will be affected and have no chance to peak at all. This could be the single most damaging force for people with sleep problems.

We conducted an experiment using The AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system; a computerised tool used to analyse and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians; and the result is consistent with research.

Using a 5000K Horizon Daylight Causes Ying Yang Imbalance @ 27% more Yang

At 4 to 5pm, the body circadian starts to respond to “yellowish” light which explains that imbalance when we are exposed to white light.

Better Yin Yang Balance of 13% more Yang when using 3000K Warm White Light

Other known benefits of circadian light includes increased productivity, enhanced alertness and prevent health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and cancers.

How to choose circadian light?

  1. Choose your preferred colour temperature range:
    • 2700K – 6500K
    • 3000K – 5000K
    • 2700K – 6000K
  2. Identify the control method
  3. Application
    • Commercial
    • Home
    • Hospitality
    • Health Care
    • Industrial
  4. Other Considerations
    • Quality of LED
    • LED Power Consumption
    • Light Fitting Design

With human centric light, we are one step closer to Optimum Human Performance. At the very least, we can avoid having to take medication such as Melatonin to assist in our sleep. Finally, it takes some discipline to rest at night so that our body can repair itself.

“If you are concerned about the harmful effects of blue ray from using mobile gadgets or computers, you should be more concerned with indoor white lights that is a much bigger source of blue ray, especially when used at night.”

Learn more here.

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