How to Achieve Optimum Human Performance?

What is Human Performance?

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Flow is the state of total immersion while doing an activity that arises from intense concentration around your own actions and their immediate feedback.

The term Flow was popularised in the 1990s by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who conducted a survey asking experts — chess players, doctors, athletes, etc. — when they felt their best and performed their best. What he found was that humans, when the conditions are right, are able to enter a hyper-focused state that improves performance, cognition, absorption and happiness.

Recently, scientists have discovered that when in Flow, the slower and energy expensive system 2 thinking (conscious processing) is traded for the much faster and more efficient processing of the subconscious, system 1 thinking.

“It’s an efficiency exchange,” says American University in Beirut neuroscientist Arne Dietrich, who helped research this phenomena. “We’re trading energy usually used for higher cognitive functions for heightened attention and awareness.”

We therefore conclude that Flow is a state of total harmony which has an impact on human performance.

What Supports This Optimum Human Performance?

The following trinity defines the basis our years of research and experience in supporting optimum human performance.

1. Systems or Environment

This forms the foundation as it affects our physical and mental wellness in an “invisible” manner. This is also the key reason why HEWS was set up. The following diagram will explain how the 5 core elements of HEWS is related to human performance:

In creating a wellness environment, the first thing we need to look into is the imbalance magnetic field that consist of electromagnetic field and geomagnetic field. When the electromagnetic field of our environment is balanced, we get into the tip of the optimal performance zone.

In the green zone, in order to create a proper circadian rhythm, light plays a very important factor as human circadian rhythm respond primarily to light and darkness. As example of light-related circadian rhythm is being awake during the day and sleep when night falls.

For a very long time, we have been accustomed to cool white light thinking that it is good for visual comfort or to see things clearer. However, this could be harmful to our sleep pattern when using cool white lights during the night time because our body will be tricked by the cool white light to think that it is still day time and continue to stay alert.

Finally, when we equipped our environment with good air quality and high quality drinking water, we get into the comfort zone which set us up for the first trinity of achieving human optimum performance.

2. Intellect or Mindfulness

“Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living”

Anthony Douglas Williams

Having these mindset listed will enable us the mindset to have the discipline and persistent in the pursuit of excellence.

C Courage
H Honesty
A Attitude, a positive attitude
M Mission, Motivation and Meaning
P Purpose, Passion and Perseverance
I Innovation, Inspiration and Integrity
O Optimism, Opportunity and Obsessive Focus 
N Necessary. Do what is necessary to accomplish the goal; never give up! There are no shortcuts.

3. Human Capacity

Scientist has proven that a healthy human cell operates at an ideal voltage of 70mV. These human cell function very much like a battery cell. When a battery is new, it is easily charged and operates normally. When a battery is faulty, it will be difficult to charge to 100% and it also discharge very fast.

The human cell operating voltage affects our functional ability while it is important to maintain our capacity or energy level at minimum 80% for good health.

  1. Function:
    • Healthy human cell voltage
    • Ideally between 60mV to 100mV
  2. Capacity (Energy):
    • Ideal range is 80% – 100% (similar to battery level of a cellphone)

As long as we are able to stay within the good health range, we are able to increase our body performance. With this trinity system, we can modulate our health to optimum level possible even as we age.

To learn more how you can measure your human capacity or understand the electromagnetic field in your working or living environment, you may contact Life Research Wellness or enjoy this video.

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