How to Co-Exist with Electromagnetic Radiation

From a Scientific perspective,Electromagnetic wave is a kind of energy. Every object which is above absolute zero, can release electromagnetic wave. And the higher the temperature is, the shorter the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave are. Electromagnetic wave does not need to rely on the medium to travel, and various Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum are at a fixed rate, as the speed of light.

Therefore, all the objects around people are emitting Electromagnetic radiation all the time,just like people have been living in the air, but eyes can not see the air. In addition to light waves, people can not see the electromagnetic wave as well.

Electromagnetic wave is such a “friend” who surround you but can not see.

For the ubiquitous electromagnetic wave, we must not “ignore” and “ignorance”, as it is closely related to everyone’s health and life.

The research from the journal 《Occupational and Environmental Medicine》shows that “even low —level of EMF will also suppress the production of melatonin which is the hormone to sleep-wake cycle control. German research found that low—level melatonin can make people feel frustrated, tired, thinking obstacles, exhaustion—it is “electricity allergies”.

“Wireless radiation can make you sick,” says Dr Stephen Sinatra. “one of the biggest health threats today is our constant exposure to microwaves and radio waves.”

The rapid development of science and technology are provide more conveniency and efficiency to human beings. However, it also brought great harm to the human ecological environment obviously.

Scientific conclusion: EMF and electromagnetic wave are everywhere, even in the air we breathe,when we breathe in oxygen containing electromagnetic wave,will destroy the iron in the blood, make blood and iron separated,resulting in our immune system decline. After a period of time, the body will become weak and cause diseases.

Nowadays, “electromagnetic pollution” has become the fifth biggest pollution after air pollution, water pollution, solid waste pollution and noise pollution. Even more dangerous is that it can not be seen, not be touched, and directly invade in human body. It is really a serious “invisible killer”.

Electromagnetic wave,also known as Electromagnetic radiation and EMFS, is a type of energy.

Source of radiation:

1、Natural source of electromagnetic radiation: thunder and lightning,sunspots activity, cosmic rays and solar storms etc

2、source of electromagnetic radiation:

(1) computer, TV, microwave, oven, refrigerator and other home appliances.

(2) mobile phones, fax machines and communications equipment.

(3) high voltage wires and motor equipment, etc.

(4) airplane and electrical railways, etc.

(5) radio and television transmitting stations, cell phone transmitting base stations, radar systems, etc.

(6) computer rooms, satellite ground stations, dispatching and command centers,etc.

(7) microwave and X-ray in medical equipment, etc.

We live in a big “microwave”…

In recent years, the global media have been reporting on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation:

More than 400 children in Italy suffer from leukaemia every year, which experts believe is caused by serious electromagnetic pollution.

Cancer cells grow 24 times faster in people who work near high-voltage lines, according to a U.S. cancer foundation which did the samples of patients who exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

In 1993, a study from three countries in Northern Europe revealed that the risk of getting leukaemia, people who affected by electromagnetic radiation above 2MG, was 2.1 times higher than normal people, and the risk of getting brain swelling was 1.5 times higher than normal people. (the above information is extracted from SAPIO magazine published inMarch 1996).

Among the 20million children born in China every year, 350,000 are born with disabilities, 250,000 are mentally disabled. Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation is one of the factor.

The harm electromagnetic radiation does to human body:

Electromagnetic radiation is a composite electromagnetic wave that transmits energy over time in mutually perpendicular electric and magnetic fields. Human life activities include a series of bioelectrical activities, which are very sensitive to the electromagnetic waves of the environment.

Therefore, electromagnetic radiation can affect and damage the human body.

Professor Gao pointed out in his article <the effect of air conditioning on semen quality> that the harm of electromagnetic radiation to human body is manifested in thermal effect and non-thermal effect.

1. Thermal effect

More than 70% of the human body is water, water molecules by electromagnetic radiation after mutual friction, will cause the body temperature going higher, thereby affecting the normal work of internal organs, affecting people’s cardiovascular system, and temperature rises will cause a variety of symptoms, such as palpitations, head up, insomnia, bradycardia, leukopenia, cardiac blood volume reduction, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia, women menstrual disorders, immune function decline and vision decline etc.

WMT: Wave Modulation Technology

2. Non-thermal effect

Human organs are in the weak electromagnetic fields, they are stable and orderly, once by the interference of external electromagnetic fields, the balance of the weak electromagnetic fields will be destroyed, the human body will also suffer to be damaged.

This is mainly the impact of low-frequency electromagnetic wave. After the human body exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the body temperature is not significantly increased, but has interfered with the body’s inherent weak electromagnetic field, make the blood, lymph and cell protoplasm changed, cause serious harm to the human body and lead to fetal deformity or natural abortion for pregnant women; It affects the circulation, immunity, reproduction and metabolism of human body.

Italian experts believe that it is most likely one of the causes of leukemia for Children.

The non-thermal effects on the human body are reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Nervous system: the central nervous system and other functions will be changed after the body is repeatedly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Just like conditioned reflex activity is inhibited and bradycardia appears etc.

(2)Sensory system: low intensity of electromagnetic radiation, can make people’s sense of smelling function decline, when the head is suffered from low frequency and small power of the sound pulse, it will make people when hearing sounds which is like machines, insects or birds.

(3)Immune system: it has been preliminarily observed in China, compared with normal people of the same age, people exposed to low-intensity microwave for a long time have a decrease of immunoglobulin 1gG in the indexes of humoral and cellular immunity, and the product of T cell garland and lymphocyte conversion rate decreases, which makes the humoral and cellular immunity of human body decline.

(4)Endocrine system: low intensity microwave radiation, can cause thalamic-pituitary-adrenal dysfunction; CRT and ACTH activities increased, and also endocrine function are significantly affected.

(5)Circulatory system: electromagnetic radiation pollution can affect human circulatory system, immunity, reproduction and metabolic function, even more can cause cancer, and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.

According to a research fromSwitzerland, people living in the place with high-voltage lines are 7.4 times more suffered from breast cancer.

Cancer cells grow 24 times faster in people who work near high-voltage lines, according to the samples of patients who exposed to electromagnetic radiation, by the Texas cancer medical foundation.

(6)Vision system: as the eye is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will cause vision loss and cataract.

To be more carefully is that different people or the same person at different ages are not the same as the bearing capacity of electromagnetic radiation, the elderly, children, pregnant women are the more sensitive group to electromagnetic radiation.

(7)Genetic effect: Microwave damages chromosomes. Animal experiments have found that:

Exposure to microwaves at 195MHz, 2.45ghz, and 96Hz in mice resulted in chromosomal defects in 4-12% of spermatogonial bone. Inherited chromosomal defects in mice led to mental retardation and shortened life expectancy.

According to the latest research , among 20 million children born in China every year, there are 350,000 defective children, among it 250,000 are mentally disabled. Experts believe that electromagnetic radiation is one of the factors caused that.

According to theWorld Health Organization, electromagnetic radiation from computers, televisions and mobile phones have adverse effects on infants.

(8)Cumulative effect: after thermal effect and non-thermal effect worked on human body and before the injury to the human body, it has time to repair itself (so called the human body to withstand force – internal resistance). If it suffers from electromagnetic radiation again, the damage will be cumulative for a long time and will become permanently sick even life-threatening.

For those who long-term exposure to electromagnetic wave radiation, even the power and the frequency is very low, it may also induce unexpected lesions.

Some research shows that:

The pathogenic effect of electromagnetic wave increases with the increase of vibration frequency of magnetic field, which may pose potential threat to human body. If working and living in such environment for too long time, the interference of electromagnetic waves changes the electric field of the human body, causing a certain degree of damage to various biomolecules that make up brain cells.

Excessive production of harmful metabolites, such as peroxides, can even cause the DNA code of brain cells to be disordered, producing some non-physiological neurotransmitters.

If the human body is exposed to radiation in excess of the safety standards for a long time, human cells will be mass killed.

In the electromagnetic environment, the harm caused by electromagnetic interference is various, from the simplest annoying phenomena to serious disasters are possible.

In short, “electromagnetic pollution” has become the “fifth major pollution” after air pollution, water pollution, solid waste pollution and noise pollution.

Therefore, the world has carried out a variety of electromagnetic radiation research, and developed electromagnetic radiation prevention health standards.

For more understanding of electromagnetic radiation and know how to prevent, people will live healthier and live in the harmony.

All the development of science and technology should aim at the development of human beings.

Technology can benefit people, but it can also destroy people.

Effective prevention:

The academic debate on electromagnetic pollution standards still continues in the world, but we still need to work and live in a variety of electromagnetic radiation environment. As human beings on the earth, how to prevent and reduce the electromagnetic radiation?

1. The most important thing is to improve self-protection awareness, pay more attention to the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body, learn more about the common sense of electromagnetic radiation, take safety precautions, and it is necessary to use the tool which can prevent electromagnetic radiation


Dr. Michael Tan is an experienced natural environment explorer (dowser) who specializes in the research of prevention of “electromagnetic radiation ” and “ environmental electromagnetic pollution”.

Dr. Michael Tan use quantum technology which is the implantation technology of chip equipment in the United States. The “holographic photon” anti-radiation signal is implanted in the pattern of the triple cosmic sacred geometry, and the “HOLOGRAPHIC HARMONISER ” is officially produced.

It aims to adjust and balance the frequency of electromagnetic radiation to human body.

Some people when using cell phones,it may cause the temperature of brain goes higher or produce abnormal brain waves.When you use the “HOLOGRAPHIC HARMONISER” , it can stabilize the frequency of the brain in a short time, and can adjust the brain temperature.

At the same time, it can avoid emotional tension, mental disorders and palpitations etc.

According to the report fromWHO in 2011, electromagnetic radiation can cause cancer.

And the“HOLOGRAPHIC HARMONISER” was able to be measured by the laboratory of Dr.

Masaru Emoto in Japan shows as the most beautiful crystal , which means it has high energy. And it produced in high-tech chip equipment factory (Technology from USA) in Singapore, guaranteed the best quality of the production.

Our purpose is to use the “HOLOGRAPHIC TACHYON” technology helping adjust and balance the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation produced from different environments, different temperatures, different electrical products use, and to avoid the harm to the human body.

And it can not be simply understood as the general “anti-radiation chip” efficacy.

Our design is to adjust the frequency instead of killing the wave. If there’s no wave, there is no signal. The wave has its own sound and not stable. It just like TCM meridian conditioning treatment—the five elements need to be balance to achieve healthy.

Case studies from different users shows that the adjustment of electromagnetic wave frequency of mobile phones has significant effects.

“HOLOGRAPHIC HARMONISER” can be used in mobile phone, computer, iPad, WiFi router,

TV, microwave, disinfection cabinet, hair dryer and etc.

Hair dryer, even it is small volume, in fact, it is “radiation king.”

In particular, the radiation is greatest when it is “on” and “off”, and the greater the power, the greater the radiation.

As using close to the head, it mainly causes central nervous and mental system dysfunction, people will get dizziness, fatigue, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness and other sub-health symptoms.

2.Don’t place home appliances too close together or often use them together to avoid exposing yourself to the danger of excessive doses of radiation. Especially TV, computer, refrigerator and other electrical appliances, not put in the bedroom.

3. When electrical appliances are suspended, it is better not to leave them in standby mode because of that they will generate a weak electromagnetic field, and also produce the accumulation of radiation if using long time.

4. When use electrical appliances, you should maintain a certain safety distance. And when microwave star to work, you should stand at least 1meter away. More importantly, pregnant women and children should try to stay away from the microwave.

5. Male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, men should minimize the time in contacting with electromagnetic waves and keep a safe distance about half a meter away.

6. Mobile phones emit the most electromagnetic radiation instantaneously when they are connected.

So when using mobile phones, should wearing radiation-proof headset to make calls.

Radiation index reference:

X-ray radiation index: ★★★★★

X-ray is the electromagnetic wave which the length is very short and the ability of penetrating is very strong. It may cause the cell organization which has not developed to finalize the design to produce mutation, fetal abortion and congenital malformation…

Electric blanket radiation index: ★★★★★

The electric blanket produces electromagnetic radiation when electrified. Fetal brain, nerves, bones and other vital organs such as the heart are most vulnerable to adverse effects.

Hair dryer radiation index: ★★★★

Hair dryer, even it is small volume, in fact, it is “radiation king.” In particular, the radiation is greatest when it is “on” and “off”, and the greater the power, the greater the radiation.

Microwave radiation index: ★★★★

The radiation from microwave,while is the highest in household appliances, is often overlooked.

When people turn on the microwave, do not stand around, and when the microwave stop the operation, you can proceed with the food. Unplug when you not use it.

Computer monitor and host radiation index: ★★★

Computer monitor and host are the two parts with the largest radiation of computer. The electromagnetic radiation around the computer when it is turned on can interfere with the metabolism and proliferation of cells at the level of cell membrane and affect the normal development of embryos.

Mobile phone radiation index: ★★

When the phone is working, it transmits radio waves to the transmitting base station. Scientific tests have shown that when a phone is connected, it emits 20 times more radiation than during a call, and increases when the signal is poor.

Television radiation index: ★★

Traditional TV displays are shown by the impact of an electron beam on a phosphor, which in a split second produces electromagnetic radiation, producing harmful x-rays.

Science and technology are advancing rapidly.

How to use the latest technology to help us prevent the greatest threats to human health – terrestrial radiation pollution (Geopathic Stress) and electromagnetic waves (EMF). It has become the human respect for life and health of the compulsory subject.

Science and technology is a “double-edged sword”, which benefits mankind through promoting economic and social development, at the same time it brings adverse consequences to the survival and development of mankind. Only with a clear understanding of science and technology, we can better use of science to promote social development.

The development of science and technology is inevitably related to human life.

Water pollution, desertification and the melting of glaciers caused by the greenhouse effect could wipe out a quarter of the planet’s plants and animals by 2050. At the same time, the destruction of the environment makes the natural disasters of the earth more likely to happen, so the spread of viruses and bacteria may bring devastating disasters to human beings.

In fact, some science fiction movies, such as 《2012》, 《the day after tomorrow, 《Arctic Outbreak》,《Gattaca》and other disastrous movies, also give warning to human beings.

Although it seems like that these are only the stuff of human imagination, these things produced by human super-ideology cannot be separated fromthe reality.

Finally, may you always believe that everything will come on time.

This article is contributed by Dr Michael Tan, Founder of Life Research Wellness. For more information, you may leave a message here.

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